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Significance of Swiss Milk Powder

Processing the roughly 3,400 tons of milk results in a surplus of protein. As a consequence butter has to be imported and protein powder as a supplement to cheese has to be exported if there is a demand for it. In recent years full-fat milk powder has been exported as well as a relief measure for the milk fat market.

In Switzerland there are four different companies producing milk powder at seven production sites. About 50,000 to 65,000 tons (depending on the statistics used) of milk powder are produced each year.

Significance of Swiss Milk Powder Exports

For centuries low-fat milk powder exports have played a significant role in supporting milk prices. This system has substantially contributed to compensate for large seasonal milk supplies in spring.

As the graphs of low-fat milk powder quantities as of 1980 and full-fat milk powder quantities as of 1970 show there are considerable annual fluctuations in the amount of milk powder exported; depending on the market situation between 10,000 and 30,000 tons of low-fat and 1000 to 3000 tons of full-fat milk powder are exported every year. In the long run, the Swiss Milk Powder Association and its members aim at providing customer-specific powders rather than offering milk power for sale by tender.

Export sales of milk powder are processed by the producers.

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